About Lake Hamana
Ride the shoreline of beautiful Hamanako

Part ocean, part lake.
Just standing on the shores of Hamanako as it is lapped by gentle waves on a sunny day is enough to lift your spirits.

Hamanako in western Shizuoka Prefecture has one of the most naturally blessed cycling courses in Japan.
The route around the lake has a history as the venue for the first race of the Japan Cycling Association, attesting to the worth of its courses, some of which are 65 kilometers long.
On courses which you can only find around such a gentle lake as Hamanako, hold your handle bars as you listen to waves lapping on the shore, and enjoy riding past traditional houses and fishermen at work.

Not only local cyclists, but repeat visitors can recognize the scenic landscape, which has been registered in the Scenic Byways of Japan.
Enjoy Shizuoka's mild and beautiful spring,
smell the sea air and see fishermen in the summer,
see rich natural scenery and mikan farms in the autumn,
and feel the warm climate and chilly wind of Enshu in winter.
Here you can enjoy cycling throughout the year.

Local cyclists call a full trip around Hamanako "Hamaichi".
For them, finishing "Hamaichi" is the first hurdle to graduating from a beginner to a standard cyclist.
Recently, depending on their time and purpose, many people have found new ways of enjoying Hamanako, such as sightseeing and riding the cruise boat half way around Hamanako, as well as cycling events that involve riding the local Tenryu Hamanako Line along the shores of the lake.
Take your own bicycle on the boat.
Feel the wind on the lake, and experience the pleasure of looking out on the route you've ridden and the route you're headed for.


Introduction to Hamanako cycling information, cycling routes, times, parking lots, and courses, as well as cyclist-friendly accommodations
and bicycle pit shops with cycle racks and tools always available.